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Based in in London and Bristol (UK) and established in 1979, VMI specialises in hiring quality digital camera packages for Features, Drama, Documentary, Natural History, Commercials, Promos and Corporate TV productions, stocking every 4K+ camera format for hire including Sony Venice, RED & ARRI cameras to Sony C300Mk IIs.  VMI's rental range also includes the Phantom VEO 4K super slow-motion and Canon ME20 super low-light cameras, plus lighting, grip & sound.

We believe that our meticulous attention to detail, high level of presentation, generously accessorized packages and fanatical level of customer service are the main reasons why VMI clients return.  Our 2018 client survey saw 125 clients voting our customer service 4.7 out of 5, a figure we are extremely proud of.  www.vmi.tv/about/client-satisfaction-survey

VMI setup a division called VMEDIA in 2017 to rent out the fastest and largest memory cards and SSDs including Sony AXS, RED MiniMag, CFast 2.0, XQD, SDXC cards etc, expanding its range to include high-capacity batteries and flight-safe batteries in late 2018

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