RESOLUTION - AAC Working conditions conference Vienna (2014)

VIENNA 27th of November 2014

Final resolution in 11 demands:

1. Self-employed workers and freelancers are not “entrepreneurs”, but individuals, who carry their mental and physical abilities to market. Therefore the must be eligible and welcomed to membership of professional associations and trade unions and must be protected by the relevant labor legislation and by labor courts like classical employees.

2. Unions have to propose immediately clear terms for the representation of self employed, freelancers and jobless.

3. If the unions refuse to do so, self -employed will form their own union. This intention can be considered also as pressure and threat, because thereby the „old“ unions would lose political power, because of the unstoppable decrease of „classical“ employment.

4. Introduction of a compulsory minimum income regardless of whether selfemployed or dependent work

5. Introduction of a mandatory and enforceable model contract for freelancers and self-employed. This contract has to enable self-employed to pay taxes and insurances properly and to lead a life in dignity.

6. Creation of enforceable minimum income rates corresponding to the minimum salary rates in collective agreements

7. Access to state unemployment insurance for self employed and freelancers with affordable premiums in the same level as it is prescribed to employees.

8. Conditions of health insurance and pension for self-employed must be adapted to those of salaried.

9. Public funding must only be granted to projects and companies which respect social legislation and where those involved receive a fair payment on the relevant
levels of education and experience

10. Public law broadcasters, private broadcasters and VOD streaming companies must not offer and impose contracts, that are immoral and clearly lead to violation of labor law.

11. Introduction of an EU authority, which strictly monitors labor regulations, entitled to enforce them and failing to impose penalties. Modeled after the already
existing penalties applicable to infringements of competition.


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