DECLARATION - Working Conditions Camerimage Lodz (2005)

Declaration on Working Conditions  Lodz 2005

On November 30th 2005 the International Assembly of Cinematographers at the Camerimage Film Festival at Lodz/Poland stated the following declaration to be communicated to National Government Departments, Labour/Social Security Authorities, Production Companies and to all relevant groups and professional organizations internationally.

- The working conditions on many Film and TV Productions around the World have deteriorated to such a critical degree that immediate action is imperative.

- We condemn the unnecessarily long working days and unsafe working environments to which film and television professionals are exposed, frequently violating existing laws.

- We urge the international film and television industry and governments to support cinematographers in resolving these issues.

- We expect representative film organizations to encourage relevant authorities to cease these exploitative practices and restore acceptable working conditions.

Tony Costa IMAGO – aip – Portugal, Vilmos Zsigmond – ASC – United States, Kees Van Oostrum – ASC – United States, Billy Williams – BSC – United Kingdom, Peter Dubovitz – HSC - Hungary, Jost Vacano – bvk/ASC – Germany, Robert Alazraki – AFC – France, Robert Fraisse – France, Louis Philippe Capelle – SBC – Belgium, Andrzej Jaroszewicz – PSC - Poland, Marek Poray – PSC – Poland/USA, Lance Gewer - SASC – South Africa, Gerry Fisher – BSC – United Kingdom, Nigel Walters – BSC – United Kingdom, Witold Stok – BSC – United Kingdom, François Lartigue – France Sibylle Grunze – Germany, Krzysztof Ptak – PSC – Poland, Mike Southon – BSC – United Kingdom, Kay Gauditz – bvk – Germany, Affonso Beato – ABC – Brazil, Laszlo Kovacs – ASC - United States, Phedon Papamichael ASC – United States

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