It is in preparation for the upcoming may 2020 the III INTERNATIONAL CINEMATOGRAPHY DAYS (ICD). This is an organization taken by the HdM the media school in Stuttgart Germany. Hochschule der Medien is a public university (sponsored by the state of Baden-Württemberg) which teaches media specialists. Cinematographer Stefan Grandinetti who is a lecturer in this school and also a member of the IMAGO Education Committee is part of the organization. This year he plans to join cinematography and special effects as a joint venture in order to close the gap between the two disciplines. To join the two disciplines in curriculum studies is in result of the panel discussions that took place in the last conference in Brussels where some of the participating scholars find that it is important to complete the education of the cinematographer the need not only to learn the tools of VFX but also to build a collaboration with the SFX department. Discussions..

In a brief talk we got this information from Stefan

Stefan Grandinetti a researcher on HDR format

1 – As member of the IMAGO education committee you are planning for the III Cinematography Day in Stuttgart on the 4 and 5th of May 2020 what are your plans?
On the INTERNATIONAL CINEMATOGRAPHY DAYS III (ICD) We like to focus current Tools, Workflow and Communication in typical VFX-Film Production from the POV of Cinematographers and from the POV of VFX-Supervisors... And the POV of Production Designers. The Event Date is Positioned exactly one day before FMX Starts ( https://www.hdm-stuttgart.de/view_news?ident=news20180405125244 ). We Hope to Generate a Synergie with the biggest VFX-Conference in Europe and Focus the role Cinematography today and the Future... therefore we like to invite a very experienced DoP and VFX-Supervisor + Production Designer.
Who is in charge of what?
>artistic leadership
>Creative Chances
>skills and tools for Cinematographers
>Future Education?
>Specialisation Necessary?

A Masterclass of about 2-3 h Where the DoP explains his workflows and Shows Examples from his/her work...would be a good Format for ICD. A Panel Discussion would Follow After the VFX-Supervisor did the same...

2. Why in your view is the theme to be about cinematography and VFX ?
HdM, Stuttgart is Not a normal filmschool, Even Film and VFX a Part of the curriculum. It is well Connected with VFX and Postproduction and Bridges gaps between arts and technology, as well as Research Topics connected to Borg worlds (HDR, HFR, Wide Color Gamuts, Light Field,...). Since the technologies and Workflows change rapidly today, we like to question the role of Cinematographers and the needed skills and the Education in a constructive way... and Analyse the needs and chances for the future. No doubt from my side is that fundamental knowledge of new and emerging technologies have to be a part somewhere.

3. Stefan has been working deeply in researching on HDR formats. HDR is also a topic to approach in the HdM ? Do you have any special event for this matter?

We started HDR-Research in 2013 and generated some of the first CINEMATIC HDR-Sequences (s. IMAGO-website: Technologies) in 2014 with 2 Alexas in a Mirroring and 18 stops of DR in order to understand what we regarded as useful ... Today the technology is already in the market, but many Cinematographers do not have learned much about HDR (aesthetics! and handling!) and are in their Knowledge behind in the industry. We all need to catch Up, to be able to keep the majority of the images in a good order in the hands of competent DoPs...
In Germany we currently have problems with ZDF-Channel since the deny HDR-Gradings...For is Its about understanding the technology, professional working condition, discussion of artistic freedom and majority...

May is still far away to have a complete program of this event. On time IMAGO website will inform more about this important topic.

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