Sony DMPC center, Media Center Drive, Los Angeles

Following the premises in London (Pinewood), Sony, during Cinegear opened a Digital Media Center. This a place where professionals can come and have a “hands on“ on the newest

sony3cameras, digital film equipment and IP solutions. It is then the showcase for Sony workflow solution with post production and a top notch screening room with a large Crystal led screen and very comfortable seating. The new facility will of course be the showcase for the new Sony Venice high end camera. They will hold seminars, masterclasses and special events dedicated for the students and the professionals.

sony4Sony have also a very active Inclusion and Diversity program where they favor creators from different origins. At this occasion, on the Tuesday following Cinegear, they organized a cocktail and premiere of an exhibition of stills in big format from women photographers: the Sony Alpha Female Creators in Residence.
Very well attended, this party was also the time to announce a new program of grants and loan of equipment in film for the year to come. The applications are now open and as for the stills, they expect a great success as it seems to answer the wishes and dreams of a lot of women creators. This was then very well received by a cheerful audience.
Let us hope that we will see in the next months more film art pieces supported by Sony.

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