Cine Gear Expo 2019 Technical Awards

Congratulations to our sponsors, SONY, ARRI, COOKE OPTICS and PANAVISION for their recognition awards.
The Cine Gear has announced its Technical Awards.
All exhibiting manufacturers may submit their products for awards considerations during Cine Gear Expo Los Angeles. Over the course of the expo, these submissions are examined and evaluated by a multidisciplinary team of industry expert judges. After reviewing and evaluating the 130 newest technologies submitted and presented at this year’s Cine Gear Expo, the team of judges decided to attribute the following Award’s:

Camera Technology --
Sony, Venice Extension System can separate the VENICE's imaging block from the camera body by up to 18 feet
Inventor/Designer: Sony Electronics

Camera Technology: Optics
Winner: Tie between

Cooke Optics, Anamorphic/i Full Frame Plus:  Inventor/Designer: Stephen Pope, Iain Neil, Graham Cassely, David Payne, Peter Line,Ltd. Entaniya's Fisheye lens, 220 degree angle of view, PL-mount., covers Super 35 sensors:  Inventor/Designer: Masaki Okumura

Camera Technology: Accessories --
Winner:Qinematiq for the Smart Ranger 2 dual distance measurement tool that merges two kind of receivers in one single housing 

Lighting Technology: Production Lighting -- Winner: Creamsource, SpaceX is an LED studio top light fixture for film and television production  

Lighting Technology: Specialized Lighting --
Winner: Moss LED Inc, Cinema LED Work Light is a high output, battery powered, outdoor-rated, color temperature adjustable, high CRI work light.  Inventor/Designer: Jeffrey Moss

Lighting Technology: Accessories --
Winner: TMB, ProPlex IQ Tester LV Network Lighting Tester for system analysis and network troubleshooting

Support Technology --
Winner: Cinema Devices, Ergorig displaces the weight of handheld cameras to the operator's hips: Inventors/Designers: Adam Teichman, Jesse Feldman

Runner Up: SHAPE wlb inc. Push-Button technology, telescopic hand grips with rosettes 

Runner Up: Kornercrane Inc. Level universal head for cranes allows remote head be repositioned at the touch of a button : Inventors/Designers: Matt Davis, Chris Sweeney, Mark Zechner

Sound Technology -- Winner: K-Tek, for the K-Tek Stingray Backpack LE is fast to pack and unpack a comprehensive sound recordists gear package 

Post Technology: Data Storage --

Winner: SECUREDATA, Inc., for the SecureDrive® BT is the world's only hardware encrypted (HDD/SSD) portable drive with secure wireless user- authentication

Post Technology: Monitors --
Winner: Sony Electronics, Sony's BVM-HX310 Professional Master Monitor reproduces high- resolution HDR images with clarity, depth and realism 

Post Technology: Image Processing Software --

Winner: COLORFRONT LLC, Colorfront Engine advanced color volume remapping tools for multiple display mastering : Inventor/Designer: Mark Jaszberenyi

Runner – Up: EditShare, EditShare QScan is a software application that enables content creators to test the integrity and quality of their media 

Other Technology --

Winner: Chrosziel GmbH, Chrosziel's P-TP7 Lens LED Test Projector is an illumination method for XPL and medium- format camera sensors and lenses : Inventors/Designers: Timm Stemann, Detlev Moeller, Tobias Finauer, Valentin Lang

Runner – Up:Tilta Inc., Tilta Nucleus-Nano is a revolutionary wireless lens control system designed for handheld gimbal systems.:Inventor/Designer: Wenping Zheng

Runner – Up: Wave Central, CineVue from Wave Central is specifically designed for the wireless digital RF video assist market.

Runner – Up:Omnicharge , The Omni 20+ is a 72WH battery power bank with many input and output options. 


Judge’s Honorary Mentions --

Panavision , Panavision POV2, OLED HDR Viewfinder 2

Lighting Technology, Production Lighting

Airstar Neo-Film Balloon Light

ARRI Arri 15mm Signature Prime lens

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