ACC Chile has a new president

Our associte member ACC *(Chile) has a new president and also a woman. Maura Morales Bergmann ACC. Things are changing around the world and South America is kicking. Maura Morales Bergmann ACC is very well known in IMAGO circles. She has been often in IMAGO meetings and we congratulate her for taking over the board of directors of the chilean society. IMAGO wishes her and team a good and profilic mandate.

chileFrom left to right: Maura Morales Bergmann president; Arturo Sinclair, vicepresident; Alvaro Cortés, secretary; Andrés Garces, director and Alejo Crisóstomo, treasurer

chile1and this picture is with the Ethic commission formed by: David Bravo, Inti Briones, Jorge Gonzalez and Nico Ibieta

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