Meet 15 ACS accredited women.

15 ACS accredited female cinematographers were in focus in the Screen Australia (equivalent to a Film Institute government run to support film production) in the past 8th of March as celebrating women’s day. This made particularly proud the Australian society which is seeing a great growth and importance of female cinematographers in the industry. 

screen australia2«We put a spotlight on these acclaimed Australian technicians – including their career highlights and how they shot them – as part of International Women's Day. To gain accreditation from the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) is no mean feat. It requires a minimum number of years working within the industry and a body of work which represents not just that you can do the job, but with a level of creativity and innovation that exceeds the norm. A sub-committee then assesses the work and from there you may be awarded your ‘letters’ – the ACS that appears after your name. To date, 15 women have been awarded that elite title (only 5.6%), and the ACS hopes that will grow. As part of International Women’s Day, we celebrate their achievements, and hear in their own words about career highlights, cameras, lenses, and what draw them to cinematography (in order of accreditation year).»


Also IMAGO through its Diversity & Inclusion Committee is also proud of the developments taking place a little bit around the world. Check HERE this page to get more information. 

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