MicroSalón AEC Spain

The second edition of the MicroSalón AEC Spain, with more than 1,200 professionals accredited. The annual AEC Micro Salon has counted on the presence of Pilar García Elegido, Film Advisor of the Community of Madrid, Samuel Castro, Coordinator of the Madrid Office Shooting Community of Madrid, and Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson, director of ECAM, who accompanied Teresa Medina, President of AEC, at the opening ceremony.

It was successful the participation by professionals and companies of the film industry, which increased around 40% compared to the 2017 edition.

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Teresa Medina AEC recently elected as first ever woman president of AEC highlights the success and the teamwork in this initiative: "From the respect and passion for our profession, this meeting is a different bet. We want to understand why we use that industry that we need so much, and the best way to do it is to unite the art of telling stories through light with the technology that makes it possible, so that both current filmmakers and those that will happen to them acquire knowledge through synergy and dialogue with industry leaders. "

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The event during both days was packed with panels about current issues, such as the rise of TV series , the series 'Gigantes' by Enrique Urbizu, the cinema of terror by Paco Plaza, Pablo Rosso AEC and Javier Alvariño, or the presentation of the
collective of women directors of photography, have helped to consolidate this event as the most important film industry in Spain.

48391590 2614192535287546 3241127409851826176 nIn addition, although in the inaugural edition of Micro Salon Madrid last year the AFC was invited to transmit the know-how of its own MicroSalón and now in this second edition the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) has participated in a special way as an association guest. BSC President Mike Eley and Adam Sustchisky offered an exciting master class about their vision of the cinematography and the career as cinematographers.

Finally, in the closing of the event, it was exhibited the short film 'La Luz de San Sebastián', the AEC shot during the last San Sebastian Festival, within the framework of the 25 anniversary of the of the Spanish society.


                                                                     Teresa Medina AEC and Louis Philippe-Capelle SBC

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