New Balkan Cinematographer´s Conference during the Manaki Film Festival

The original inspiration behind the creation of the Imago Balkan Conference was to improve communication and understanding between the Societies of cinematographers in the region through friendship and collaboration. As a result this fourth Conference in Bitola, the home of the oldest Festival in the World devoted to the Art of Cinematography, inherits a legacy of growing

The Balkan conference group in 2015

understanding between Balkan cinematographers and their Societies. Bitola has been an ideal location and opportunity to discuss common problems and hereby improve standards of filmmaking. An original aim of Imago in 1992 was to enhance the highest standards in the art of cinematography. This Balkan Conference fulfils that remit. This meeting between the Societies of Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, N Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey (with delegates from Kosovo and Albania) is held to improve the quality of filmmaking and encourage greater understanding by the artists who bring images to the screens. It is also a vehicle whereby cinematographers can assist Producers and Directors achieve greater efficiency by constructive resolution and criticism. The agenda for the Conference is expected to include Authorship Rights, Restoration and Post production involvement rights of cinematographers, Removal of customs fees to improve ease of filming within the region, and establishment of regular workshops for students.
The importance of these Conferences owes much to the support of Labina Mitevska and the continuing 

involvement of Tomi Salkovski MSC. Imago is grateful for the generous invitation to host from the Macedonia Professionals Association and the tremendous enthusiasm of Festival Director Gena Teodoslevska and Dore Blagoja Kunowski.

Nigel Walters BSC Vice-President 
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 On the right: Nigel Walters and John Seale surrounding the statue of one of the Manaki Brothers. A landmark in Bitola just across the big theatre where screenings take place during the festival.  

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