Surveys "Teaching Cinematography" and "Request to manufacturers"

IMAGO is running 2 surveys and you ask you a few minutes of your time to fill it up . By doing it you are helping IMAGO to take the right decisions concerning cinematographers and cinematography in general. One is aimed for cinematography teachers. Methodology is one of the actual key factors to teach good cinematography. Tools became easy to use with no costs. These two factors have changed quite significantly the teaching methodology of cinematography. The next Conference of the IMAGO education Committee will be cantered in Methodology so your collaboration is very important for us.

If you are a film teacher and are interested in helping us find out more about film teaching methods worldwide? Please follow this link:  

The second survey comes from the IMAGO Technical Committee which addresses a common problem we all face in our everyday professional life. The use of several different terms in the camera menus for the same technical issue is common and differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. This survey aims exactly these subject and intends to alert the manufacturers for the need to have a same standardized language and meaning for the same item in the camera setup. So gain you thank you very much for helping IMAGO to take a step forward in this matter which concerns us all.
Please follow this link and fill up the survey
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