TERRE DI CINEMA – The home of cinema

Terre di cinema in a direct translation means «The land of Cinema» but in the deeper roots of the language there is another signification which we can attribute the connotation of «The home of cinema». Maybe the title of this summer camp school may have been given by a local politician before the first edition despite not being totally approved by the main organizer Vincenzo Condorelli AIC, the title fits perfectly to the initiative and to the place. In fact, Sicily has been part of the imaginary of cinema since very early ages. Remember Cabiria shot in 1913 with the cinematography by Segundo de Chomón showing the eruption of Mount Etna by using astonishing mastery of special-effects photography? Mount Etna the eternal volcano marks the life of the Mediterranean island. But for more recent generations when «The Godfather» was partly shot in the Sicilia the island became universally known.

In the same path Vincenzo Condorelli puts Sicily in the spot in cinematography terms. Maybe, at least for the knowledge of IMAGO, Terre di Cinema is so far, the best summer camp school in the

Loading 35mm magazines for ARRI 435 and 535 cameras.
TDC 17 summer camp was exclusevely done with film stock support from Kodak.

world for young inspiring cinematographers. 30 students altogether, 20 cinematographers and 10 directors get together for 2 weeks to attend classes to shoot short films. This year attended 15 Italians 13 of them with a grant from the collecting society SIAE through the project: SIAE-Sillumina. Copia privata per i giovani, per la cultura and 15 foreigners coming from all over the world as far as India and USA.
This year was a special summer school, surprisingly it was used only 35mm film stock with the support of Kodak. The 10 short films were shot on 500T and 50D Kodak Motion Picture Film stock and it was used 6000 meters which develop by Augustus Color lab in Rome. The 35 mm cameras and accessories provided by Fratelli Cartocci cine-rental, lenses by Cooke Optics, lighting by K5600 and support as well from Schneider-Kreuznach, Apromastore and Adcom.
The TDC17 took place this year in the city of Catania. Some classes and shooting took place in the Palazzo Scammacca, in the historical center of the city and in Monastero dei Benedettini – University of Catania and at Studi Cinematografici Siciliani. Shootings as far as Mount Etna, Tenuta San Michele and in the city of Catania. Ten short films were shot. Each of the groups were allowed to have 600 meters of film which is an equivalent to 20 minutes of film stock running.
The rebirth of film seems to be as strong as never has been since the collapse of the film labs in 2011 around the world. Chris Richter, Vice President of Kodak Motion Picture Film, was part of a round table to discuss the use of film stock increase a little bit around the world. In the debate were Ed Lachman ASC, cinematographer and TDC Vincenzo Condorelli AIC, Professor Luciano Granozzi and Professor Alessandro de Filippo university of Catania. It was discussed the revival of film stock versus use of digital film. Kodak has launched recently a program to open several around Europe to get customers closer to development. One of the reasons

Students practiced cinematography with film cameras. 10 shorts were filmed. 

appointment for the decrease on using film stock by productions was the lack of support from local labs. Before the collapse labs had survived economically on prints for exhibition and not so much on developing. With the fall of the classical projection replaced by DCP’s labs could no longer hold their businesses. Now Kodak is trying to open and reopen labs to get the business going.
Several debates and masterclasses took place during the last week from Luciano Tovoli AIC, ASC; Ed Lachman ASC; Chris Ritcher, KODAK ; Caterina D’Amico; Ira Tiffen SCHNEIDER FILTERS; Carey Duffy COOKE OPTICS; Toni D’Angelo; Alaa Eddin Aljem; Tony Costa AIP IMAGO; Ashima Chibber; Varun Shetty.
The 2 week intensive masterclass on cinematography culminates with a 5 days film festival and the attribution to the New cinematographer award. This year it was given to the Jani-Petteri Passi from Finland for his extraordinary work on the film «The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki» directed by Juho Kuosmanen. The black and white film shot on reversal film stock Tri-X has already gathered last September in Bitola the highest prize at the Manaki Film Brothers Festival. A special mention was given for the Hercules work of Sturla Brandth Grøvlen in his work in «Victoria» done in one take only which lasts for 2 hours and 18 minutes, depicting a youth drama night in Berlin.
The festival counted with a special the screening of «Carol» with the presence of Ed Lachman ASC who was present for a Q & A at the end of the session. The documentary «Acqua e Zucchero Carlo di Palma- I Colori della Vita, directed by Fariborz Kamkari, was shown depicting the life of the great Italian cinematographer who have collaborated in many Woody Allen films. A sweet documentary directed with great love by his latest wife give a strong impression of the importance and the artistry of the cinematographer in general.
Lucaino Tovoli was present to show his «Il Mistero di Oberwald» directed by Michelangelo Antonioni and to give the New Cinematographer award in the closing ceremony.
The most important fact is that TDC is essentially an education program aimed to cinematographers and logically cantered in cinematography. The whole program is worked around this subject and Vincenzo Condorelli the initiator and organizer has credits of his own to continue this program annually by gathering support from private and public entities to put such an ambitious and expensive education summer school which there is no other about cinematography around the world, at least that we know of.

Ed Lachman ASC was one of the invited guests.
On the right side of the picture  Vincenzo Condorelli AIC the TDC organizer.

Using Condorelli’s words the program doesn’t need much of publicity. The word of mouth has been working and the program has hundreds of candidates. It’s just enough to announce it on the social media to get many interested to enrol. The schools have a key role and the educators invited by TDC have as well a significant role on its success.
The location is much appreciated too. There is no road or place that we can’t avoid seeing the blue sea around and as well the Mount Etna. But is not only the scenery itself and the warm weather which is for most of the students coming abroad an early summer experience, is the isolation that makes the commitment of the students to be concentrated in the work and to develop relationships for the future. It is totally different to be in a city or near home where everyone goes at the end of the day to their own life. The residence program of these masterclass is the key factor of the remarkable success of the program.
In this edition and maybe continues in the next one, the education to be concentrated by using film stock, which gives to the students an additional asset that maybe they do not get easily anywhere else. The experience using film exposing without knowing right away on a display is a strong method of learning that only film can provide.
IMAGO is absolutely interest in participating through the its education committee and to promote TDC in schools and member societies.
Tony Costa aip/IMAGO
VISIT CineCampus Terre Di Cinema 2017

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