Nigel Walters gets the John Alcott Memorial Award

Former IMAGO president Nigel Walters BSC was honored recently by receiving the BSC ARRI John Alcott Memorial Award during the BSC Operators Night. Nigel was presented with the award which praises someone who has contributed to the aims of the British Society of Cinematographers. The first recipient was Les Ostinelli in 1987 and has been giving since. IMAGO would like as well to extend its gratitude and recognition for his contribution the cinematographer's societies around the world.

The award was announced by Billy Williams BSC and we leave you with an excerpt of the speech. Photos by Richard Blanshard

ngil2«In 2008 he was voted President of Imago combining Cinematographers of the 27 European Nations. He spent 7Nigel Walters Judith Evans Billy Williams OBE years travelling, raising our status and bringing together our common purpose, the enhancement and preservation of our vision and the authorship of our work. Diplomacy was at the heart in uniting so many different cultures. This he achieved despite the French!
Last year he retired from Imago having extended membership to other Continents. There are now 49 members. He leaves a great legacy. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society. An honorary member of the Guild of British Camera Technicians, an honorary member of the Indian, Australian and Greek Societies of Cinematographers. He is ever present at Film Festivals, Camerimage, the Manaki Brothers in Macedonia and our own, newly formed Cinefest in Bristol. He genuinely engages with students encouraging them in their ambition. He is a proud Welshman, a fine orator and a warm and generous friend.
Ladies and gentlemen please welcome this year's recipient of the ARRI John Alcott Memorial Award, Nigel Walters BSC. I invite Judith Evans on behalf of ARRI to present the award.»

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