Frederic Goodich ASC 1939 - 2016

It is with great shock and sorrow we hear that our dear and highly valued friend Frederic Goodich ASC has passed away.

In addition to over the years having many central roles in administration of the American Society of Cinematographers, Frederic´s work to increase communication between international cinematographers and to build bridges over the borders can not be underestimated.

His role as chair of the ASC International Committee was perfect for a person so dedicated to international cooperation and with such diplomatic abilities, and his interest for sharing views, knowledge and experience between cinematographers brought him to Europe often, also as a lecturer in IMAGO´s many master classes.

During the IMAGO Oslo Digital Cinema Conference in 2013 Frederic and I got to know each other personally, although we had then been discussing cinematography and international cooperation for several years on mail. He visited Oslo with his good friends Dave Stump ASC, Yuri Neyman ASC and Vilmos Zsigmond ASC to hold a number of master classes for his European colleagues.


13C VilmosFred

Frederic Goodich ASC and Vilmos Zsigmond ASC attending the IMAGO Oslo Digital Cinema Conference in 2013

Not only Frederic´s high level of knowledge, but his warmth, friendship and true dedication to the art of cinematography overwhelmed me and all present.

Frederic Goodich was a colleague and a friend who will be deeply missed not only by everyone in IMAGO, but by all international cinematographers.
We convey our deep sorrow and condolences to our friends and colleagues in the ASC, and to Frederic´s wife Donna and son Nikolai.

Paul René Roestad
President IMAGO

















 Frederic Goodish ASC giving a speech/lecturer during the IMAGO Oslo Digital Cinema Conference in 2013


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