Sue Gibson BSC 1957-2016

Sue Gibson BSC was the first cinematographer woman to join the BSC in 1992. Years later in 2008 she would be the first woman president of the British society. She passed away last 27th of July victim of rapid and aggressive particular cancer which was diagnosed only by the end of April. The news caught most of the community by surprise. She was shooting not long ago a TV series «Death in Paradise»

Born in Derbyshire in 1952, she took up photography at the NEWPORT COLLEGE OF ART in 1970, which influenced her interest in film taking her to the NATIONAL FILM AND TELEVISION SCHOOL. She graduated in 1981 and started her career in the film industry as a clapper loader. She worked as a clapper loader for only two years until she started her position as Director of Photography for commercials, television shows, and films.
She won several awards for commercials and the Evening Standard British Film Award for Best Technical Achievement for HEAR MY SONG and SECRET FRIENDS as well as an Irish Film and Television Award for Best Craft Contribution FOR AMONGST WOMEN. In 2010, Sue was given an award for her cinematography by the International Women’s Foundation.

extract from the BSC website.

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sue Cake 3 CINEGEAR Filmcastlive
Michael Goi ASC 2009 President with Sue Gibson BSC 2008-2010 President.

The image was taken at Cinegear in 2009 to mark the 90th anniversary of the ASC and the 60th anniversary of the BSC

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