Cinematography awards in Slovenia the IRIS awards 2016

The Slovenian Society of Cinematographers ZFS has put up for the first time a ceremony of awards to recognize and praise colleagues of the same profession. IMAGO would like to congratulate the society and the winners of this historical first edition which we would like to see every year.

Slovenian Society of Cinematographers (ZFS) is committed to the progress and development of professional cinematography, it advocates respect of moral and ethical principles of the profession and stands for continuous development and quality of Slovenian cinema.

iris 1For the first time Slovenian Society of Cinematographers (ZFS) has awarded new award - IRIS in the filed of cinematography for the works finished by the end of 2015. Awards were presented in five categories: Feature film, short film, documentary film, student film, and TV series. In all five categories 41 films were submitted. Candidates who submitted their works for IRIS award had to be Slovenian citizens or of Slovenian nationality, and not necessarily members of ZFS.iris 2

In addition to the five categories members of ZFS have unanimously decided to award three lifetime achievement awards to Ivan Marincek-Zan, Zaro Tusar and Ivo Belec all honorable members of ZFS

iris 4The rest of the IRIS awards IRIS went to:

For Best Cinematography in feature film:
Marko Brdar ZFS for "ZENIT"

For Best Cinematography for short film:
Mitja Licen ZFS for "IMPROMPTU"

For best cinematography in documentary film:
Jure Cernec ZFS for"KRIŽ IN KLADIVO" (Hammer & Cross)

For best cinematography for student film (live action or documentary)
Saso Stih for "SVITANJE" (dawning)

For Best cinematography in TV series:
Maksmiljan Susnik for the TV series "USODNO VINO" (Fatal wine)

Združenje filmskih snemalcev Slovenije
(Associazione Slovena Autori della Fotografia Cinematografica)
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