South American Federation was created

Societies from South America ADF (Argentina), ABC (Brazil), ADFC (Colombia), DFP (Peru), SCU (Uruguay) and SVC (Venezuela) have constituted a

cinematographer federation with the aim to uphold the arts and crafts of the cinematographers along with the objective to make the profession better recognized. As a result , the new Federation ruled that the countries will join forces to promote the cinematographers associations; to spread the work of its members; To support the initiatives of education and updating of knowledge; To improve and implement the standards and  practices of cinematographers in general. And , as an ultimate objective , to achieve recognition of Cinematographers as authors of the cinematographic photography in the Latin American area.





The societies that signed the constitution of the Latin American Federation of Cinematographers (Federación Latinoamericana de Autores de Fotografía Cinematográfica) in Lima Peru, during the 19th Edition of the Lima Film Festival, 14th of August 2015 

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