Lightening up the Balkans

The Greek Society of Cinematographers (GSC) and the online platform for Balkan cinema, in cooperation with Olympus Festival, are "lightening up the Balkans" with a special three-day program of film screenings.


We say "special" as the program will be focused on two rather unknown, to the wide audience, sides of cinema: Directors of Photography and the Balkan film production.
On 23, 24 and 25 of August in Efkarpidis cinema, Katerini, five Balkan feature films will be screened, while Greek DOPs will have an open talk with the audience about their films and their art.
DOPs Olympia Mytilineou, Ilias Adamis, Panagiotis Salapatas, founder Electra Venaki, and University of Aegean lecturer Dr. Yannis Skopeteas, will take part in the discussions with the audience.
This synergy is aiming to create a weekly event that will constitute a standing commonplace for the exploration of our neighborhood's cinematographic legacy. Under the light and through the frame and glance of Balkan cinematographers, a wide international audience will have the chance to discover the cinema of this "other" Europe, discuss with it and hopefully build new bridges of communication. Special awards, tributes, workshops and master classes will frame the screenings.

Bellow you may find in detail the films to be screened in Efkarpidis cinema:

Sunday 23/08/15

20.00: Yannis Skopeteas Direction of photography in Greek films

21.30: Αmnesty, 2010, 83min, Albania, Greece, Direction: Bujar Alimani
Followed by discussion with the film's DOP, Ilias Adamis  

Monday 24/08/15
19.30: Child's Pose, 2013, 112min, Romania, Direction: Calin Peter Netzer, Direction of Photography: Andrei Butica

22.00: An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker, 2013, 75min, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Direction: Danis Tanovic, Direction of Photography: Erol Zubcevic

Τuesday 25/08/15
19.30: The Priest's Children, 2013, 93min, Croatia, Serbia, Direction: Vinko Bresan, Direction of Photography: Mirko Pivcevic

22.00: Three Monkeys, 2008, 109min, Turkey, Direction: Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Direction of Photography: Gokhan Tiryaki
Olympia Mytilineou, Electra Venaki, Panagiotis Salapatas and Yannis Skopeteas will discuss with the audience after the screenings.

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