Slovenian society of cinematographers (ZFS)

ZFS new president. Jure Černec has recently been appointed new president of the Slovenian Society of Cinematographers. The new board's work plan for 2015 is based on the activities and steps taken in the last couple of years. The new president Jure Černec speaks for the continuity of recent projects, larger membership, cooperation with similar societies in the world and cooperation in authors rights law amendment, namely Slovenian cinematographers have often been devoid of authors rights.
Taking care of Slovenian film heritage and setting grounds for better work conditions and standards in current national film production is the priority of Slovenian society of cinematographers. The policy of integration, cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience, intergenerational dialogue and ethics are basic values of Slovenian society of cinematographers, thus becoming a pillar of professionalism, relevant dialogue and an organization which is taking full responsibility in setting standards in its filed.

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