Humanity under Threat

IMAGO stands in grief and solidarity with fellow artists brutally slaughtered in the appalling act against humanity which has taken place in France. The civilised world is rediscovering by dignified defiance, the values of liberty, equality and fraternity which were ignited in Paris many years ago. The French people will surely be comforted by the strength of unity shown everywhere.

As artists, cinematographers treasure freedom of expression though imagery. By the use of light and shade in similar manner to cartoonists, we can lighten or lift darkness, using our lenses as opposed to the weapons of the evil perpetrators of this appalling act. IMAGO stands solid with all our fellow artists in France as well as journalists, directors and writers imprisoned or under threat everywhere, European, American, Arab, Muslim, Christian or Jew.
Light to lift Paris gloom!
The fact that the United Nations ironically has chosen Paris to launch 2015 as the International Year of Light this month will not be lost on contemporary cartoonists.

The United Nations observance aims to raise awareness of the achievements of light and its importance to humankind. It mentions the importance of the lens developed by the Frenchman, Augustin-Jean Fresnel, early in the 19th century.
The stated Global aim of this UN initiative is to raise awareness of how optical technologies promote sustainable development and promote solutions to worldwide challenges in education, energy, communications and health.

The UNESCO Committee recommended the adoption of the “Year of The Light” to the United Nations in 2012. This was some time after the Mexican Cinematographer, Guillermo Navarro, AMC, ASC suggested to UNESCO that Film itself deserved the status of World Heritage. Although the case was spuriously rejected at meetings with UNESCO in Paris, it might not be stretching credibility to dedicate this Year of the Light to the cartoonists and others who died for the freedom to shine the light.

Although there appears little to illuminate the January gloom in the beautiful city of Paris, the sun must surely shine again. The example of French solidarity and fraternity will long inspire the spirit of IMAGO.

All cinematographers unite in grief with our french colleagues.

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