The Austrian Association of Cinematographers invited in cooperation with the Association of Austrian Artist at the Kuenstlerhaus on November 27th to the panel event.


The extremely well-attended panel discussion which was organized by the Association of Austrian Artist and the Austrian Association of cinematographers at the Kuenstlerhaus, made it clear that the epidemic precarious working conditions are going far beyond the media, arts and cultural world and have become a serious socio-political problem.

Astrid Heubrandtner Kurt Brazdaa Astrid Heubrandtner and Kurt Brazda from AAC

The keynote speech by Anna Maria Kollmann (Austrian Filmmakers Association) illustrated profoundly that the existing social security structures aren´t compatible anymore with the modern professional realities.
The politicians, Elisabeth Hakel of the SPÖ (Socialist Party) and Maria Fekter of the ÖVP (Conservative Party), was 'fueled' by no embellished statements of Walter Pöltner from BMASK and tax consultant Wolfgang Steirer, as well as the numerous interventions from interested participants in the audience. It became very clear soon that the politicians and parties must be active immediately, if do not want to risk an imminent collapse of the social cohesion.
The obsolete instruments, which are applied by chambers and trade unions, currently are no longer sufficient to handle the working conditions of the 21st century. They have to aim new, unusual and creative solutions.

Elisabeth Hakel Maria Anna Kollmann a

                                                          Elisabeth Hakel and Maria Anna Kollmann




The host of the evening Peter Menasse encouraged everybody to establish a separate representation (including social security) for the ever increasing numbers of the "new self-employed" and "one person companies".

Kurt Brazda (AAC/Kuenstlerhaus) expressed the need for active solidarity, but did not ask to release existing institutions - such as chambers of commerce and trade unions - from their obligations. Especially the trade unions have to accept this new clientele immediately, if they shouldn´t want to fall into political irrelevance.
The discussion was also an impetus for an EU event on the same subject, which will take place in March 2015 in Brussels organized by the Federation of European Cinematographers IMAGO. The Austrian Association of cinematographers will be spearheaded and take these thoughts of impulses from Austria to the EU event.

At the podium:
Mag. Dr. Maria Fekter, cultural spokeswoman of the ÖVP
Elisabeth Hakel, cultural spokeswoman of the SPÖ
Hon. Prof. Dr. Walter Pöltner, Head of Section Social Security, Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Mag. Wolfgang Steirer, tax consultant
Keynotespeach: Dr. Anna Maria Kollmann, chairwoman of the Austrian Filmmakers Association
presented by Peter Menasse

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