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Finnish Society of Cinematographers F.S.C. will organize a Nordic-Baltic conference of cinematographers at Hanasaari-Hanaholmen Swedish-Finnish Culture Centre, near Helsinki, in 5.-7.12.2014.
The theme of the conference is how the digital change has affected the artistic expression of the cinematographers and what the future has for us.
Hence the title of the conference

Our profession has gone through an enormous change from film to digital. We have all tried to get a wiff of the techniques, and taken part in seminars and conferences on the bits and pieces side – one of the most fruitful of those being Oslo DCC.
Now is time to ponder and assess how all this has affected our ART.
The idea is to gather together in the culture centre Hanasaari for a weekend, screen new Nordic and Baltic films, discuss all the themes that come up and have a good time together. The venue Hanasaari is situated on an island just out of Helsinki – but accessed by a highway. There are modern hotel accommodation, traditional menu restaurant and an auditorium equipped with modern DCP players. Sorry – no more film projectors.

(More info on the venue: )

We are gathering to screen new – or newish – Nordic and Baltic films, executed with digital techniques – especially such which would not have been done or possible in the film era. And we meet the cinematographers.
We have covered the venue, and the lunches. The accommodation prices at Hanasaari are below.
Please contact the undersigned at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register to attend.

Registration and Confirmation of participation, and final schedule in November;
Conference 5.-7. 12. 2014 at Hanaholmen:
 5.12. Arriving to Helsinki, Get-together party at Valofirma. Accommodating at Hanaholmen
 6.12. 10-18 Conference day 1, screenings and discussions at the auditorium (Lunch)
 6.12. Evening Get together at ?
 7.12. 10-16 Conference day 2, screenings and discussions at the auditorium (Lunch)
Let´s meet at Hanasaari!

The Room Prices at Hanasaari:
Single room/night 75€
Double room/night 96€

Tahvo Hirvonen FSC
President of the Finnish Society of Cinematographers

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