3rd Balkan Conference for Cinematographers

The 3rd Balkan Conference for Cinematographers will be held in Bitola, Macedonia on September 17th with the support of the Manaki Brothers Film Festival under their director Labina Mitevski and the Macedonian Film Professional Association.

We are especially delighted to welcome our guest from Turkey, Mrs Asli Filiz; our first representative from Albania ,Mr Piro Milkani and a presentation team making their second visit to Bitola from the Hungarian Film Lab, Messrs Szaboles Barta and Zsolt Erdely.Their post-production presentation will follow the Conference which is expected to end at 15.00 hrs of take place in a suitable interval in proceedings.
Present also at the Conference will be Tomi Salkovski, President of the Macedonian Society and Ivan Tonev, President of the Bulgarian Society who is also Vice-President of Imago.
Representatives will also be present from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania and Greece.

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