Albert's Way

The story about the success and "American Dream" come true.
The life of Mr. Albert Mayer, legendary designer of Panavision PANAFLEX film cameras, from the concentration camp to "Oscars"

This is a story about the life of Mr. Albert Mayer, legendary designer of the Panavision Panaflex film cameras. For his innovative work, Mr. Mayer was awarded with the highest awards, including four Oscars and Emmy. Panaflex was used on thousands of film productions throughout the world.

AM Bambic Malibu2  Albert Mayer with direcor Predrag Bambic SAS

Albert Mayer was born and raised in the little town in Kingdom of Yugoslavia, today Republic of Serbia. As a member of German ethnic corps after WWII, his family was displaced to the concentration camp and deprived of property. When Albert was moved to the camp, he was only 9 years old boy. Albert survived the horors of the camp where tens of thousands, mostly women, children and elderly, died … Five years later, he was deported to Germany. Later, after finishing school, he got married and moved to the USA. Being young and talented engineer, he started to work at Mitchell Camera corp. and soon changed over to growing Panavision. The rest of his career was dedicated to designing the finest film cameras.
Instead of telling the story about the death, this is the story about the success, a man who preserved a gift of absolution and about the life winning over the death.

The documentary was directed by Predrag Bambic SAS

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