A tribute from Vittorio Storaro, Luciano Tovoli, Gabriele Lucci, Daniele Nannuzzi and Bob Fisher to the Art of Cinematography. A book proposed by the SKIRA and AUREA publishing houses in order to underline the fundamental position of Directors of Photography in the worldwide film industry of the past century.

"The personal choice of 150 cinematographers, each accompanied by a “trademark film", obeys the sole criterion of heart and soul. They are the cinematographic co-authors who have accompanied and inspired our individual careers for generations - artists whom we admire and identify with profoundly, and look on as the ultimate models of cinematographic creativity. Great personalities who have led us to discover, made us dream, taught us to love, and then become part of THE ART OF CINEMATOGRAPHY. In essence, this is a tribute to cinematographers from cinematographers. It is in this spirit that those who have produced the volume wish to thank all the authors and co-authors of the films included in this tribute to the art of cinematography for having made so many masterpieces of world cinema in the course of the pastentury. A selection of the videos will be shown during the presentation of the book at Camerimage."

A book proposal by SKIRA and AUREA in order to underline the foundamental
position of the AUTHOR OF THE CINEMATOGRAPHY in a worldwide Film
Industry during a Century. A large representation of all International CO-AUTHORS, from past to present, showing their Cinematographic work in the most important Masterpieces of the International Film Industry.

Definetely without the figurative-luministic-chromatic selection operate by
this great Artist, the history of Cinema will be not the same that we all know.
This is not only a BOOK, but a great Visual experience to once more to demonstrate the individual sensitivity, the culture, the profession of an Artist that, even with all the different technologies that the Film industry used in several decade, gave and will give their personal input, as an individual signature, at all visualmasterpieces that are determinating the world CINEMA.

A very complex Art, in which are partecipating several Co-Authors, directed
by a Film Director, but that it started and will always remain as an EXPRESSION of IMAGES.

Definetely any Image bring emotions to the audiences through the Symbology of
LIGHT, through the Physilogy of COLORS, through the Dramaturgy of the visual
ELEMENS that the CINEMATOGRAPHER, through his ingenious work that qualify
him, all over the world, as CO-AUTHOR OF THE FILM.


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