Sony Introduces Its All-New Interactive Calculator & VENICE Becomes IMAX Certified

Sony Venice 2

Sony are delighted to introduce their all-new interactive calculator which has been specifically designed to determine VENICE film sizes, data rates, recording times & card usage.

You can experience the VENICE Film Size Calculator yourself now by clicking here.

VENICE Becomes IMAX Certified

Last month, IMAX Corporation unveiled their new “Filmed In IMAX” program. The exclusive partnership sees the world’s leading camera manufacturers cooperate to help better meet filmmakers' demands for The IMAX Experience®. Through the program, VENICE has become IMAX Certified. 

When content is ‘Filmed in IMAX’ the result is pure magic because it brings filmmakers’ visions to audiences exactly as they intended, all within the world’s most immersive theatrical experience,” said Megan Colligan, President of IMAX Entertainment. “This program will help IMAX work with a broader and more diverse group of top filmmakers, sparking new and exciting collaborations that can take advantage of our proprietary technology and global theatrical platform.”

You can find out more about IMAX Corporation and the new "Filmed in IMAX" Program now by clicking here.



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