Significant Developments For Filmmaker Mode

Filmmaker Mode

Filmmaker Mode allows you to experience movies and TV shows the way the filmmakers intended and is supported by some of the most influential directors in the industry. This innovative picture mode on supported Ultra HD TVs preserves the director’s creative intent and provides a cinematic experience.

Filmmakers, Hollywood studios, consumer electronics companies and the UHD Alliance have collaborated to make this next-level home theater viewing experience possible. By disabling all post-processing (e.g. motion smoothing) and preserving the correct aspect ratios, colors and frame rates, Filmmaker Mode enables your TV to display the movie or television show’s content precisely as it was intended by the filmmaker.

It’s been a year since Filmmaker Mode was announced to the public last August. Since then, a huge amount of progress has been made, especially now that Filmmaker Mode have a number of products in the market already...

  • LG Electronics implemented Filmmaker Mode into all their 2020 models which are available in the market today.
  • Samsung Electronics announced support for Filmmaker Mode in all of their 2020 QLED displays, and recently provided the firmware update to enable this feature. It’s expected additional models will support Filmmaker Mode in the future.
  • Panasonic implemented Filmmaker Mode into their OLED display, which is for sale in Europe and Asia. While all other manufacturers have chosen to implement “automatic switching”, Panasonic decided to use a dedicated button on the remote control for consumers to access the mode.
  • Vizio and Philips (TP Vision, Europe) announced support for Filmmaker Mode. While the feature was not part of the 2020 product launch, both announced they would enable this feature via firmware update later this year.
  • Productive discussions with various other manufacturers continue and further announcements are expected in the future. 


You can find out more about Filmmaker Mode now by clicking here.



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