IMAGO Conference on Working Conditions Berlin

In a collaboration with Interface Film in Vienna, IMAGO arranges round table conference on working conditions for cinematographers and the film industry in Berlin.

Date: Monday 24th of February, conference starts 09.30.
Location: Brunnenstrasse 69, 13355 Berlin.

The 2020 BSC Awards Night

Last night, Saturday 15th of February, for the second time the BSC held its special Awards Night in Mayfair, London, at the Grosvenor House Hotel. The house was packed with hundreds of guests and it was a very special gathering of friends and colleagues in the British and international motion picture business. The awards to be handed out during the proceedings were the BSC Lifetime Achievement Award as well as the awards for Best Cinematography in a Feature Film and Best Cinematography in a TV Drama, respectively. Also two awards for those frequently unsung -but as we in the business know crucially important- heroes: the camera operators. Two awards here as well, for best achievement in feature and TV Drama work, respectively. 

The 2020 HSC Awards and Cinematographer's Conference

The way in which IMAGO lists "upcoming events” in the upper right hand corner on their website, is something I've always found very convenient. Earlier this year I noticed there was to be a cinematographer's conference and a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Hungarian Society of cinematographers, the HSC, in Budapest in February.


Congratulations to all nominees of  the IMAGO INTERNATIONAL AWARDS IN CINEMATOGRAPHY.
The Awards Ceremony will take place in Brussels March 14th

Jean-Pierre Beauviala to be Honored by IMAGO

Where does one even begin to start when talking about the truly amazing and gifted man we came to know and love as J P Beauviala.

So let’s begin by going back to 1937 in Alès, where he was born and grew up in the Cévennes region in southern France. This young man did not sit still for very long and found himself in the 60’s studying electronics at the University of Grenoble, where he also managed the film society. He went on to teach electronics and began preparing a doctoral thesis on an electronic and informational analysis of human speech. This was starting to be quite a ride!

The 2020 BSC Expo

January 31st to February 1st it was once again time for -if not the biggest- then certainly the most spectacular of European yearly motion picture business trade shows. We are of course referring to the 2020 edition of the BSC Expo. The show was actually inaugurated in the afternoon on Thursday 30th, but that was a special ”by invitation only” event. From what I gathered from those who were there, though, it was a very relaxed and enjoyable evening, enabling participants an overview of the exhibition under less crowded circumstances.

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