Meet 15 ACS accredited women.

15 ACS accredited female cinematographers were in focus in the Screen Australia (equivalent to a Film Institute government run to support film production) in the past 8th of March as celebrating women’s day. This made particularly proud the Australian society which is seeing a great growth and importance of female cinematographers in the industry. 

CAMERIMAGE returning to Toruń

After the dramatic speech in the closing ceremony of the recent edition of the festival by its director Marek Żydowicz the world of cinematography stood still waiting for developments. The anxiety of many cinematographers and industrial professional, companies and manufacturers came to a standstill with the recent announcement by the organization that a new location was found. It is a return to Torun, the home base of the Tumult Foundation organization behind the existence of the festival.

Cine Eye TV focus on cinematography craft

Cine Eye is a website focused on cinematographers and cinematography equipment. The Cine Eye covers reports on the industry of professional Cine and TV equipment by posting news about the craft and interviewing professionals like bringing cinematographers and industry experts together to discuss the latest trends and issues of the market.
A wide coverage of interviews and articles from recent shows in Munich's CINEC and London's the BSC Show can be found.

A Fun Day Out With the Danish Guys

The Belgrade IAGA/IMAGO Awards Event wasn’t all work and no play, fortunately. Some of us had to catch a bus for the airport at three o'clock in the afternoon on Sunday, so that left us a couple of hours to explore the surroundings. The delegation from Denmark, affectionately known as ”The Danish Guys”, put together their own little sightseeing tour and anyone crazy -Ahem, sorry, adventurous- enough to string along was welcome!



 The IMAGO International Award for Best Cinematography for

The awards on Cooke TV

Do not miss the IMAGO International Awards will be brodcast Live by Cooke TV