Honorary Members

Luciano Tovoli AIC ASC - Honorary

2008 - First IMAGO Honorary Member

IMAGO proudly presents a review on LUCIANO TOVOLI's career. First of all because having done extraordinary films he is a reference to cinematographers; secondly, because IMAGO owes its existence to TOVOLI.

Andreas Fischer-Hansen DFF - Honorary

Andreas Fischer-Hansen DFF Honorary Member, 2009 Bradford

Nigel Walters BSC - Honorary

During the dinner offered by the Macedonian Society of Cinematographers to all IMAGO delegates a surprise aroused. The IMAGO president Paul René Roestad and General Secretary Louis Philippe Capelle announced Nigel Walters the former president as honorary member of IMAGO.

IMAGO Tribute Giuseppe Rotunno AIC, ASC

2008 - IMAGO tribute to Giuseppe Rotunno, eDIT FILM FESTIVAL

Legendary Italian cinematographer Giuseppe Rotunno AIC (The Leopard, And the Ship Sails On) received the first award ever to be presented by, IMAGO.

IMAGO Tribute Ricardo Aronovich AFC

Ricardo Aronovich receives tribute at eDIT

The second Cinematographer to be awarded the Imago Tribute by his peers was Ricardo Aronovich AFC ADF ABC.

Kommer Kleijn SBC IMAGO Honorary Member

Kommer Kleijn SBC, who chaired the IMAGO Technical committe for a decade, became IMAGO honorary member at the IMAGO International Awards of Cinematography held in Belgrade on March 16th, 2019 where he received the IMAGO International Honorary Member Award.

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