Teaching Cinematography Survey - 2019

Teaching Cinematography An International Inquiry among Cinematographers

Teaching Cinematography posterMunich, August 2018
Center for Advanced Studies of Film Technology University of Television and Film Munich
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter C. Slansky, Director Katrin Richthofer

In Cooperation with IMAGO European Federation of Cinematographers

The target of this inquiry of the Center for Advanced Studies of Film Technology of the University of Television and Film Munich in Cooperation with IMAGO was an international overview about the teaching of cinematography done by cinematographers. This should cover various topics, from working conditions via teaching subjects and teaching methods through to the personal and individual approach of the participants. Included were the influences of new technologies as well as traditional ones, the institutional frameworks for teaching and the personal motivation for teaching.

This inquiry was aimed at cinematographers who were in professional business for fictional and documentary movies and TV productions including commercials, corporate TV, TV studio and remote pickup productions and free artistic productions with similar key features in the years 2015/2016/2017 and who were teaching cinematography in the same period of time.

Over all 125 cinematographers from 40 states all over the world took part in the survey, giving 13.720 answers in total. 106 participants used the English version, 19 the German version. Most participants did not answer every question, so for each question the actual participation is indicated.

Please find full report in GERMAN and in ENGLISH versions 

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