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Film and Digital Times is the journal and guide to technique and technology,tools and how-tos for Cinematographers, Photographers, Directors, Producers, Studio Chieftains, Camera Assistants, Camera Operators, Grips, Gaffers, Crews, Rental Houses and Manufacturers.

It’s published, written and edited by Jon Fauer ASC, an award-winning Cinematographer, Director, and author of 14 bestselling books (over 120,000 in print—famous for their user-friendly way of explaining things as if you were right there on location with him). 

With inside-the-industry “secrets-of the-pros” information, Film and Digital Times is delivered to you by subscription or invitation, online or on paper. We don’t take ads and are supported by readers and sponsors.

Foreign correspondent: Oli Laperal, Jr; Marketing Guru: John Johnston 
Contributing photographers: Dorian Weber, Yousef Linjaw, Jacques Lipkau

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