(2017) AWARDS IMAGO awards - Helsinki 2017

2017 will be a remarkable year for IMAGO. It marks the occasion of the first ever IMAGO INTERNATIONAL awards for cinematography. To register for future generations here is a sum-up what the most important took place. 

Video of the IMAGO 25th Anniversary 


The winners.

Best cinematography in Feature films:

“Nocturnal Animals”  Cinematographer: Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC
LINK: https://vimeo.com/240553747

seamus mcgarveyA Nocturnal-Animals-Amy-Adams-2016 6A

 Jury citation.

This was a very difficult decision to make due to the very high quality of all nominees presented. The final choice was made only after a long and spirited discussion by the world-wide jury. Whilst all the films showed a remarkable exhibition of image integration to enhance the script, the jury felt that the use of light, composition, colour and continuity flow in the edit, has provided a superb example of how cinematography can enhance and heighten the meaning of the film. We feel that Seamus McGarvey BSC ASC has achieved this admirably in “Nocturnal Animals”. …"

The Nominees were
La la Land - Cinematographer: Linus Sandgren FSF Sweden
Maudie - Guy Godfree CSC Canada

  Best cinematography in TV Drama

 “Game of Thrones”, episode “The Winds of Winter”  Cinematographer: Fabian Wagner BSC ASC
LINK: https://vimeo.com/240552643 

FabianWagner06 503 vd  episode-60-500 

 Jury citation.

Cinematography in this film does not only serve the story but also represents classic aesthetic par excellence and does so with a remarkable ability to transport the audience into a world that exists only in the imagination. This cinematography is an exemplary case of transcending the borders of regular TV Drama genre and elevating it to a universal language of mood, tone, subtext and visual feast. The IMAGO Best cinematography award for Television Drama is presented to cinematographer Fabian Wagner BSC for Game of Thrones  "The Winds of Winter"

The Nominees were
Midnattssol/Midnight Sun
- Cinematographer: Erik Sohlström FSF Sweden
Gomorra - Paolo Carnera AIC Italy



 Best cinematography in documentary films
"Icon" - Cinematographer: Łukasz Żal PSC
LINK: https://vimeo.com/240553635 

352 IMAGO Awards Helsinki 2017 28Oct17 c Alejandro Lorenzo 675 frame3

Jury citation.
The jury has chosen a film about extreme human pain which dances on the ethical strings of film making. The cinematographers choice of handheld camera, longer lenses, often in natural backlight, softens the close-ups and makes them impressionistic. Throughout the film the cinematographer retains their stylistic approach. With well thought focal lengths that tighten the nearness of people closed inside the building, the cinematographer makes us feel a sense of the claustrophobic pain of these people. Colors are pastel but the pastel green, which is supposed to calm us down, leaves us with an uncomfortable feeling. This film is not a story, it is a state of mind, a human condition. This has been completely understood by the cinematographer...... So the winner is Lukas Zal PSC for his oustanding work on the film Ikon.

The Nominees were
Paolo Ventura Vanishing Man
- Erik van Empel, NSC, Holland
SARAJ'VO - Mustafa Mustafić, Almir Đikoli, Faris Dobrača, ASBH, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Imago 2017 Award Winner Photo Mikko Lyytikäinen 005The IMAGO International Award for Lifetime Achievement in Cinematography
Luciano Tovoli AIC ASC

The IMAGO International Award for Extraordinary Contribution to the Art of Cinematography
Marek Żydowicz Director of Camerimage Film Festival

Camerimage and Marek Zydowicz are synonomous with the promotion and recognition of cinematography and cinematographers globally. Marek has singlehandedly assured that images and the quality of those images is treated with the utmost respect at all times and giving recognition to the cinematographers across all genres is paramount.

The IMAGO International Award for Extraordinary Technical Achievement 1
Jannicke Mikkelsen FNF

Imago 2017 Award Winner Photo Mikko Lyytikäinen 007The Committee for Creative Technologies in Cinematography is really proud to award a very talented young cinematographer.
What this cinematographer has achieved is really quite incredible.
We can speak about a lot of knowledge combined with great adaptability.
Being able to maintain such a high level of quality in delivering images in a harsh environment is certainly one of the reason why CCTC decided to give this award.
But there is also several challenges that this cinematographer have faced which lead the committee to agree quite easily on this choice.
These challenges including new fresh technologies, limited time, spatial issues and only-one-take-possible, left us totally amazed.
And when a cinematographer can relate this incredible adventure with such humour and, above all, with an incredible concern for sharing and pedagogy, the committee can only say - after delivering the award - we want you in the CCTC!

The IMAGO International Award for Extraordinary Technical Achievement 2
Joe Dunton BSC

Imago 2017 Award Winner Photo Alejandro Lorenzo 008For nearly 50 years Joe Dunton has provided filmmakers with the tools they need to do their jobs – It might be a large invention or small one but in all cases, a very valuable piece.
- He invented the heated camera eye piece which can save cinematographer’s (artistic) life in weather conditions like it is here.
Joe started what has become a common trend to renew and use older lenses looking for warmer colours and using the
personal experience of people who developed lenses for landscapes, portraits and interiors by just practically evaluating them and watching the images they produced. “Computers make lenses but they don’t know the pictures they are making”, Joe said about his experiences.
Another milestone for the history of cinematography is the development of Super35 film as a full frame recording format which Joe Dunton designed. Initially thought as an enhanced way for blow-ups to 70mm, it quickly became the most important recording format to allow the cinematographer the choice of a variety of aspect ratios with one camera and one negative. This idea was so successful that the new age of digital cameras have also applied this format as a standard for all variations of imaging.
Possibly the most important proposal for the enhancement of Digital Cinematography is Joe Dunton’s concept to leave our fundamental RGB system to record and define the colours in our digital cameras by adding a fourth colour - Yellow - to the sensors performance.

The target is to extend the recorded colour space as the crucial base for all imaging to exploit more of those colours that we as cinematographers would like to see on screens.

“This is a most exciting time for cinema” Joe has said enthusiastically. “We are experiencing a technological revolution in the capture, presentation and distribution of the cinematic image. I believe it’s crucial that within this new world, everyone—from the actors in front of the camera to all the artists behind it—uphold the quality of the pictures we collectively paint.” - Joe Dunton 2010
For his vitally important co-creation of tools for cinematographers spanning over nearly 50 years the Committee for Creative Technologies in Cinematography is proud to present this IMAGO Technical Achievement Award to Joe Dunton.

The ARRI - IMAGO International Award for Emerging Talent in Cinematography
Daniil Fomichev

Imago 2017 Award Winner Photo Alejandro Lorenzo 005The Award winner has impressed the Jury with his demonstration of perfectly high quality and bold cinematography, and subtle dramaturgical and temporal changes in the choice of colour, lens and camera position that serve the story well and give a very strong visual impression. He has tackled challenges like shooting in a moving car interior, day exterior and magic hour sequences, and he has managed to pull off all the challenges keeping well within his chosen visual style.
The Award winner has demonstrated a personal and original way of telling the story, and has managed to keep the look continuous and unified throughout the film despite low budget, challenging light conditions and locations, and also working first time on a feature film.




President: Paul René Roestad FNF

General Secretary and Sponsoring: Louis Philippe Capelle SBC
Host:Minttu Mustakallio
Local Manager: Tahvo Hirvonen FSF
Gala script: Ron Johanson ACS and Tony Costa aip
Gala video and content: Mário Costa aip and Tony Costa aip
Stage Assistant: Johanna Taufenbach
Manager: Katrin Richthofer

Camera operator Juutilainen Joni
Camera operator Häkkinen Janne
Camera operator Samuli Ahonen
Stage Lighting Otso Vartiainen
Sound Pirkko Tiitinen
Photographer Alejandro Lorenzo
Photographer Mikko Lyytikäinen

Helsinki, Finland - 28th October, 2017

Partners sponsors per award

The IMAGO International Award for Best Cinematography in Feature film
Award sponsor: Panasonic

The IMAGO International Award for Brest Cinematography in Television Drama
Award sponsors: Drylab and Zeiss

The IMAGO International Award for Best Cinematography in Documentary films
Award sponsor: Canon

The IMAGO International Award for Lifetime Achievement in Cinematography
Award sponsor: ARRI

The IMAGO International Award for Extraordinary Contribution to the Art of Cinematography
Award sponsor: CW Sonderoptics

The IMAGO International Award for Extraordinary Technical Achievement 1
Award sponsor: TVTools Finland

The IMAGO International Award for Extraordinary Technical Achievement 2
Award sponsors: Angel Films and Dagsljus

The ARRI - IMAGO International Award for Emerging Talent in Cinematography
Award sponsors: ARRI




Helsinki, Finland - 28th October, 2017

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