IMAGO participated in 3 occasions at this festival. A joint photo initiative with ASC. The photo exhibition «Framing the World» and a panel discussion about «The importance of Cinematographer´s Collaboration beyond the Borders». The activity ended on Friday with the imitative in conjunction with Illuminatrix «Focus on Diversity».

Framing the World

«Framing the World» was an exhibition of 100 photographs a joint imitative between ASC and IMAGO to celebrate the 25 anniversary of Camerimage. This way ASC and IMAGO found an original way to deploy the vision of the cinematographer. The cinematographer doesn’t record moving images only. Still photography is as well a good tool of expression for the cinematographer.
IMAGO displayed 49 photographs supplied by the societies members of IMAGO. The beautiful catalogue can be seen HERE  These pictures are now in auction until midnight London time of 15th of December. Place tour BID HERE  and help the SOS Children’s Villages in Poland. MORE INFO HERE.  IMAGO and Polish children in need will thank you for your generosity.

ASC and IMAGO Panel discussion: The importance of Cinematographer´s Collaboration beyond the Borders.
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The ASC/IMAGO panel was very rich by addressing several subjects concerning cinematographers. Stephen Lighthill was the moderator of the panel. Points debated was security on set, presentedP1004835A by Steven Poster ASC who showed a text video demonstrating how dangerous is for a cameraman inside a car if the air bag deploys. To keep secure is a matter of the cinematographer but as P1004829Awell of the film crew also. The IMAGO Technical creative committee by Philippe Ros AFC showed the need to find a common definition terms for camera settings by the manufacturers and Rol Coulanges about the sharpness and texture a series of tests performed by the committee in the last few months. Jannicke Mikkelson FNF winner of the IMAGO Technical award recently has suggested why only square sensors in case of working with 360 degrees and VR? The future theatre cinemas must surely adapt to the new reality by getting wider screens and possibility for the viewer experience virtual reality. Another aspect it as well the fact that the quality of the equipment for the 360 degrees is still very poor and needs improvement by the manufacturers. There are not yet professional VR cameras in the market. Joe Dunton the other recipient of the IMAGO Technical achievement award mentioned a moving sensor to avoid the constant fixed position of the photocells. This movement can approach and emulate the film look with its grain and avoids the image to appear so sharp and electronic along by suggesting the need of quality screens to be implemented and as well larger than they are now. Plus, he has purposed a perpetual manual of dealing with equipment. Which needs to be necessary to avoid the huge rate of damage of equipment as rental houses are now facing.
The need of more education was a theme that was common to all panellists. Louis Philippe Capelle SBC as he has opened the panel by mentioning the need for more education.



Focus on Diversity was a full day program in the morning with a panel debate called The next level followed by the screening of MOLLY’S GAME cinematography by Charlotte Bruus Christensen with a workshop in the afternoon and at the end of the day a panel discussion to debate the importance of diversity.
This imitative in association between IMAGO and Illuminatrix. Illuminatrix http://www.illuminatrixdops.com is a collective of female cinematographers based in the UK and aims to promote women as cinematographers.
P1022058AThe aim at first is call for the attention for the fact that women are still a large minority compared to men to get into the feature as cinematographers. The diversity doesn’t concern only women as minority working but for coloured people or people where their origin are from other parts of the world.
It was a rich debate. The passionate panellists and audience defending their points of view demonstrates the need to be more open to these minorities who are discriminated not in deliberated terms but as a social stigma. The debate demonstrated as well that trying to get in because someone is part of minority was rejected by most of the audience and the panellists. The focus should be in fact, promotion either by self-promotion which is not well seen by society for the fact that gives some discomfort, and by demonstrating quality and artistry.

Marek Żÿdowicz received from the hands of Louis Philippe Capelle the IMAGO Contribution for cinematography award as Marek couldn’t attend in Helsinki.




P1004880AThe ASC tribute to Michael Ballhaus ASC BVK was a fantastic learning experience to film making. The spirit of creativity, improvisation and artistry was very well depicted in the panel well conducted by Benjamin B and the several panellists. A very interesting and educational session.

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