(2016) The importance of international collaboration

The importance of international collaboration
In this rapidly changing digital world of cinematography, the need to share knowledge and experience across the borders has vastly increased.

A conference by ASC, the American Society of Cinematographers, in collaboration with IMAGO, the European Federation of Cinematographers, and Camerimage.

How to stay in control of our images? Knowledge is power!
Through technological knowledge we can strengthen our position as cinematographers, both in pre-production, during production and in post.
How can we work to make sure relevant information reaches all cinematographers, and how can cinematographers make sure they always keep up to date with the latest information about new techniques and equipment that can help them develop their artistry to a higher level?
We believe that through a closer collaboration between international cinematographers and their national Societies, we can all transmit and receive important information regarding our art faster and more efficient. The question is how!

The questions that will be debated in detail will amongst others be:
How can we work to increase sharing experience and knowledge regarding our art and new technologies in cinematography?
How can communication between international Cinematographer´s Societies and their members best be improved?
What should be prioritized?
How should such a collaboration practically be put into function?
Should and can all national Societies appoint international communications manager/s?
What are the best communication channels?
Increasing the number of international workshops, educational seminars and conferences in cooperation with sponsors and/or others?
Regular yearly meetings?
Streaming of World-wide educational seminars on internet?
The need for financing?

Input from the audience will be essential!
The panel will consist of representatives from the American Society of Cinematographers, from IMAGO, the European Federation of Cinematographers, and invitees.

Drinks and snacks during the ASC/IMAGO conference is sponsored by our partner RED

Date and place:
Opera Nova, Congress Centre, Seminar room,

Wednesday 16th of November at 15.30-17.00 h

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