(2016) Micro Salon Italia 2016

The fourth edition of Micro Salon Italia was an absolute success. By evaluating it from the point of view of the number of attendees which packed the house on Saturday from morning to close we can be sure that Micro Salon Italia is an event to continue. The quality of the show displayed by the exhibitors was impressive. It was possible to experiment in loco all the state of the art in technology. There was a great effort put by the companies to display their best. Russian arms, camera trucks, cranes that were widely presented right at the



entrance plus LED lighting, cameras, lenses, rigs, soft boxes and the whole lot needed for a shoot was shown at the Italian event. The AIC and its president Daniele Nannuzzi and his team lead by Simone must be proud of the results. Alongside with the show there was a good sense of comradery that is always appreciated by the exhibitors who look not only for making businesses but are always willing to conquer acquaintances and distribute business cards with pride of their equipment and company that they represent.

The Micro salon Italia is at the moment the great yearly event of the AIC. After the financial collapse from an internal robbery, the Italian society is now recovering from the ashes and are now getting slowly back on track. It is not only that the society is now breathing better economically but it is now back in a good spirit willing to open its doors wider than ever to new members and to promote even more the art of cinematography. The authorship rights are the main goal of the society as it is indeed as well of IMAGO.

This was the main subject of presenting IMAGO to the Italian cinematographers and aspiring ones when Luciano Tovoli AIC presented to packed audience in the huge room the historical grounds of the creation of IMAGO which followed by the president Paul Renè Roestad FNF with a compilation of the activities of the federation. Tony Costa presented the website and Vittorio Storaro AIC ASC closed the panel by presenting and justifying the reasons for the cinematographer to deserve to be recognized as a co-author of the film.

P1040892AThe Micro Salon was held this year for the first time at the premises of the film school (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia) no far from the legendary Cinecittá studios. The location is diverse which permits to visit all booths in different environments that gives a good contrast from area to area. The outside and in particular on Saturday the sun was shining beautifully giving a nice impression of the arrival of spring time.

In the school we could see displayed on the walls of the corridors a number of black and white pictures taken during the great period of Italian cinema. In the center where there is a well and a garden there was an exhibition about Pier Paolo Passolini behind the stage.
It took several seminars and panel discussions for packed audiences that piled up to the doors to assist.

A great success indeed for many of those who have made the effort to be present at the show and for those who have come as attendees have certainly enjoyed the time worth spent. We the IMAGO team enjoyed it immensily.
Tony Costa aip




P1040893AThese pictures represent the overall aspect of the show. Camera cars, cranes, lenses, cameras and people


P1040902A P1040912A


Daniele Nannuzzi AIC President and Luciano Tovoli AIC both pillars of the AIC society


Tommaso Vergallo and Gerhard Baier next to the shelve of the Leica
Summilux lenses. 

P1040907A P1040894A

Marc Galerne of K5600 

Sundeep Reddy from RED
Luciano Tovoli with Stefan Karle from DOP Choice 
and with Claudio Carbonera from Piuma.
P1040913A P1040914A
Nick Shapley from LCA looking at his LED chinese baloon
Jörg Pahlman from ARRI Italia Manager giving a speech during the
ARRI dinner 
IMAGO was presented by Luciano Tovoli AIC and by the President
Paul Rene Roestad FNF 
P1050081A P1050082A
The three time oscar winner Vittorio Storaro AIC ASC speeks to the audience about the importance to recognize the co-authorship for the cinematographer work and the importance of IMAGO to continue to pursuit the goal to see it recnozed all over the world and not only in a few contries as it is today. 

Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia where all took place for
the first time

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