(2015) 5th Oslo Digital Cinema Conference

IMAGO is proud to announce the 5th Oslo Digital Cinema Conference
October 30th, 31st and Nov 1st 2015
IMAGO and fnf the Norwegian Society of Cinematographers will in cooperation with the Norwegian Film Institute and the Nordisk Film & TV Fond, arrange the 2015 Imago Oslo Digital Cinema Conference.

The dates: October 30th, 31st - Nov 1st
Once again Paul René Roestad fnf and IMAGO will promote one more edition of the successful Digital Conference which start back in 2007 when still digital was still seen with some skepticism. I was the year when RED One grassed all over the world with their full frame and 4k sensor revolutionizing the all market. Now other challenges are posed to cinematographers. The control over the authority of the images for the color grading; Archiving which is posing a big challenge to keep images in the future; new software's and many more will be discussed and talked during the 3 days of the Conference.
Take a look at the preliminary agenda by clicking HERE.

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