(2014) Imago IAGA in Greece

Full membership of Imago is now open to all Societies outside Europe. The historic decision was taken in Delphi when New Statutes were unanimously accepted by delegates. The Societies of Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada and New Zealand are have pledged to join.

The Imago IAGA of 2014 was a success on all levels. It was a triumph of organisation by the young Society of Greek cinematographers, GSC, under their President Yiannis Daskalothanasis.

Earlier in Athens over three hundred visitors for two days were engrossed in Master Classes with Phedon Papamichael ASC GSC, Christian Berger AAC and Haris Zambarloukos BSC.

Panavision and Imago had supported the presence of the distinguished cinematographers. Arri and a host of Greek sponsors had also supported the five days of events. Presentations were made prior to the Master Classes by Red Europe and Sony.
The thirty eight delegates present from 26 Imago Societies were welcomed by the Minister of Tourism, Ms. Olga Kefaloyiannis, at a reception overlooked by the Acropolis. Imago was thanked for the positive message of confidence in bringing the largest International meeting of cinematographers ever held to Greece.
Meeting in a purpose-built Cultural Conference Centre under the temple of Apollo, the wisdom of the Oracle in Delphi appeared to influence the delegates. Apart from the decision to open Imago to the wider world it was decided to establish a new committee for Film Heritage and Authors Rights. A fresh beginning was deemed necessary to repair relations with European Archivists.

A new Education Committee under the chairmanship of Tony Costa AIP was established and the Election Committee strengthened by the appointment of Herman Verschuur NSC.
Continued support was pledged by the Imago Board in their last year of office to the Festivals of Manaki, Camerimage and Ostrava along with the Bucharest Master classes and the AIC Micro Salon. The third edition of the Imago Directory of Cinematographers will be launched at Cinec in Munich in September.
Reports were presented by the Master Class Committee, the Oslo Digital Cinema Forum and the Technical Committee. The Legal Advisor, Dr Cristina Busch reported on legal and lobbying activities in Brussels. Fritz Niemann was appointed to explore opportunities through the EU.

This was an exceptional IAGA, due to the organisational genius of ever genial Panos Stamboglis. The sun has set and is rising again over this beautiful country. All the memories of the magical days in Athens and Delphi will never fade, thanks to the incredible efforts of Yiannis and Panos. Ably supported by Vice President Yorgos Frentzos and team they have succeeded in re-establishing respect for the role of the cinematographer in Greek film making.

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