IMAGO is the International Federation of Cinematographers. It is an active global network created to bring cinematographers together to discuss solutions to common challenges, promote the art of cinematography globally, and share experience and knowledge.

IMAGO believes in supporting an artistic community without borders. Its membership includes 56 national cinematography societies, representing more than 4,000 professional cinematographers across all the continents of the world.

IMAGO champions the high artistic and technological standards of the cinematography profession and supports the culture of cinematography which is at the heart of the artistic and technological quality of the filmmaking industry.

IMAGO champions working conditions for cinematographers and ensures their voice is heard throughout the filmmaking process, with consultation rights in the presentation of their work through the media.

IMAGO provides guidance and assistance to its members in many diverse environments worldwide, explaining and defending the role of cinematographers where necessary. IMAGO has successfully acted to reverse legislation intended to limit the rights of cinematographers in its members’ home nations.

IMAGO leads initiatives against unsafe conditions on film sets. Its Working Conditions Committee (WCC) takes an active responsibility for ensuring a safer future for all cinematographers worldwide. 

IMAGO has a duty to educate and encourage the developing cinematography societies among its membership. The IMAGO Technical Committee (ITC) closely follows technology developments and liaises with manufacturers and research institutes. Other IMAGO committees include Education, Authorship, Diversity and Green Initiatives.

IMAGO further supports international relationships through the IMAGO Awards, which offer exposure to new and diverse talent.



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