IMAGO Interior Rules

All official IMAGO communication will be made by e-mail..
For all meetings notification will be at least one month in advance to all societies by e-mail. The individual societies are responsible to provide the correct email address to the IMAGO board.All relevant information concerning IMAGO meetings will be published on the website of IMAGO at least once a month prior to the event.For other relevant information IMAGO board also publishes under the members section of the website, the president's newsletters, meeting reports and other information not necessary for public view.

The PATRON MEMBER has the right to include the IMAGO LOGO with the PATRON MEMBER text anywhere they want. The PATRON MEMBERS LOGO can appear at every major IMAGO publication.

Only active members and patronage members are obliged to pay fees. The fees will be decided upon by the Annual General Assembly.

The PATRON MEMBER FEE will be at least twice the biggest fee of the active members.
The Board shall invoice member societies and patronage members at the beginning of the year.
The society(ies) that organize the General Assembly, meetings, etc. - inviting at least one delegate of every IMAGO member society (Hotel & Expenses for 2 days) is exempt from paying its annual fee of that year.

The President may delegate the right of signature for the bank accounts to the Treasurer of The IMAGO Board. The President may delegate the right of signature for ordinary administrative deeds in the name of the Federation to the Vice-president and/or General Secretary and/or Treasurer in written form.
- This delegation has also to be accepted in written form.
- The final responsibility remains with the President, who has to monitor his "representative(s)".
- All responsibilities of delegates (representatives) terminate at the Annual General Assembly, at which the new president will be elected, every other year or at an Extraordinary General Assembly.
- All contracts with profound and lasting effects on IMAGO can (or – must..?) be published password protected on the IMAGO Website, to allow the member societies and the candidates for the following presidency to have an overview of the situation of the Federation.

The complete minutes of the General Assembly, including the names of the delegates and representatives should be distributed to the members within four weeks after the Assembly. Every society can add or correct data within four weeks after the minutes have been forwarded to the societies present at The Annual General Assembly (Extraordinary General Assembly). The final minutes have to be signed by The Board within another four weeks.

The IMAGO WEBSITE is supervised by The IMAGO Board.
The website budget is part of Imago's budget as a whole.
The website is a resource for IMAGO due to the financing generated by website sponsorship.
The Board appoints a person (or persons) to be the editor, and thus responsible for the content of the website.
Invoicing of sponsors and payment of expenditure concerning the website administration and the technical support is managed by IMAGO Treasurer or other person appointed by IMAGO Board.

a . IMAGO Committees that the IAGA decides to establish, - each Committee should consist of minimum 3- maximum 5 persons, and a minimum of two different IMAGO Member Societies should be represented within each Committee.
b. When the Committees are established, the Committees elect their own Chairperson.
c. The Committees should have a minimum of two meetings pr. year, and shall after each meeting in writing report to the IMAGO Board.
d. Each Member Society covers the cost involved in having a member in one or more Committees.
The cost might consist of two annual trips to Committee meetings, telephone, fax and office expenditure.

Having received suggestions for potential candidate(s) for The Presidency (President and Board) from the National Member Societies, the IMAGO Election Committee presents their suggestions to the IMAGO General Assembly.
This does not prevent the candidature for President presented at The General Assembly by a candidate not suggested by Election Committee.

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