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IEGA 2023

July 1, 2023 All day

The agenda for the Extraordinary General Assembly is as follows:

  1. Voting on the amended IMAGO Mission statement proposed by Steven Fierberg.
  2. Presentation and voting for the acceptance of the Azerbaijani Union AKI as full member of IMAGO.
  3. Presentation and voting for the acceptance of the ACC Chile as full member of IMAGO.
  4. Presentation and voting for the acceptance of the Mexican Society of Cinematographers – AMC as full member of IMAGO.
  5. Presentation and voting for the acceptance of the Armenian Cinematographers Guild – ACG as full member of IMAGO.
  6. Presentation and voting for the re-entry of the Czech Society of Cinematographers – AČK as full member of IMAGO.
  7. Presentation and voting for the acceptance of the Cinematographers Society of Nigeria – CSN as full member of IMAGO.
  8. Discussion and voting on whether the Russian Guild of Cinematographers RGC should remain a member of IMAGO, be suspended, or be expelled as officially requested by the UGC of Ukraine and additional signatories societies of the letter.

Please login to the members-only section to read/download the IEGA documents: https://imago.org/documents/

For the IMAGO Extraordinary General Assembly (IEGA), we would like to provide you with some important information and rules regarding the IEGA.

Quorum and Voting for Russian Society Membership Status: 

As per Article 22.2 of the IMAGO statutes, the quorum to resolve on the issue concerning the Russian Society’s membership status is 2/3 of the attending or represented members.

To be considered as a represented member, it is necessary to fulfill the criteria of being a full member in good standing with IMAGO, which is understood to mean a member who is current on their dues and has not been suspended or expelled from IMAGO.

In addition, in order to be considered a represented member, a full member must have provided an official voting email address prior to the opening of the election. This email address will be used to send out voting instructions and to receive votes.

The voting will be conducted through a secret ballot, which will be opened after the IEGA deliberations are concluded. Once opened, the secret ballot will remain accessible for a period of 24 hours. The results of the vote will be sent through a newsletter to the presidents of every voting IMAGO Member Society and can also be checked on the platform used for the voting once the results are verified by the Election Committee.

Rules for Participating in the Discussion Concerning the RGC:

The discussion concerning the RGC (Russian Guild) will follow specific rules to ensure an organized and fair debate. The time allocations for each delegate are as follows: 

a)     The delegate of the UGC (Ukrainian Society) will have 10 minutes to present their demand.

b)    The delegate of the RGC (Russian Guild), if they attend, will have the same amount of time to state their position.

c)     Each of the other 6 signatory societies in the letter sent by the UGC, as well as all other Full member society delegates, will have a designated speaking time of 3 minutes if they wish to address the Assembly.

d)    A right to respond will be granted, allowing each delegate a maximum of 2 minutes to provide a response.

Decision on Other Matters in the Agenda:

The other matters included in the agenda will be decided by a simple majority of the attending or represented members.. 

We kindly request all delegates to adhere to the allocated time slots to ensure a smooth and productive discussion. Your cooperation in following these guidelines is greatly appreciated. 

We look forward to your active participation and valuable contributions during the IMAGO Extraordinary General Assembly.

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