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IAGA 2022

March 27, 2022 @ 17:00

Brussels time via Zoom


  1. Opening of the IAGA by Adriana Bernal Martinez, ADFC and Bojana Andric, SAS, IMAGO Interim co-Presidents
  2. Establishing quorum and absolute majority. Voting for a member to take the minutes of the IAGA (Hannah, the IMAGO Office Administrator, is suggested).
  3. Voting on a moderator for the IAGA. (Members are welcomed to volunteer as a member prior to the Assembly by sending an email to the IMAGO Office).
  4. Accepting of the minutes of IEGA 2021 by voting
  5. ELECTIONS – Announcement of IEGA next elections by Kommer Kleijn, SBC, Election Committee Chair
  6. STATUTES – Statute change proposals made by the Statutes group, presented by  Denis Lenoir AFC, ASC, ASK and voting
  7. IMAGO Future conference 
  8. Future Statutes project presented by Denis Lenoir, AFC, ASC, ASK
  9. Presentation and voting of the accounts for 2021 by former Treasurer Roger Simonsz, BSC and confirmation by the Financial Controller Eric Guichard, AFC
  10. Presentation and voting for the 2022 budget by the Treasurer Mustapha Barat, ABC
  11. Invitation for all members societies to update list of cinematographers at IMAGO webpage per country by Web administrator Alex Linden, FSF
  12. 30 YEARS IMAGO celebration December 2022.
  13. Presentation of 2022 IMAGO calendar of events
  14. Any Other Business
  15. Closing of the IAGA by the Interim co-Presidents and General Secretary

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