Awards to be held in Helsinki on 28 October 2017, proudly supported by ARRI

The nominees for the first IMAGO International Awards for Cinematography have now been announced. The judging panel of 25 highly acclaimed and experienced cinematographers began the selection process in early August and considered 100 feature films, TV dramas and documentary films submitted by 49 different IMAGO member societies.

The IMAGO Oslo Digital Cinema Conference

Report by Ron Johanson ACS OBE

The IMAGO Oslo Digital Cinema Conference took place in Oslo, Norway under the auspices of the Norwegian Society of Cinematographers and the guidance of IMAGO President, Paul Rene Roestad FNF on the 8th, 9th and 10th September at the Norwegian Film Institute and Cinematek in Central Oslo. This particular event was one that I believe the Society can also implement in the future, as it requires minimal set up time as long as the venue and of course funding can be found, as the whole running of the event does centre around the most practical venue.

The 6th Oslo Digital Cinema Conference

A report by Lars Pettersson FSF

Let it be said once and for all, that the 6th edition of the ODCC was a highly rewarding experience, especially for anyone interested in feature film cinematography, since it boasted no fewer than two masterclasses with high-ranking cinematographers Luciano Tovoli ASC, AIC and Luca Bigazzi AIC. As is their habit, IMAGO and the FNF, under the competent leadership of messieurs Paul René Roestad, FNF, and Rolv Håan, FNF, respectively, put on a well-oiled and excellent three-day conference.

J.L.Fisher becomes IMAGO Sponsor

The long time prestigious grip company J.L. Fisher as joined IMAGO as a new member sponsor.

IAGA in Helsinki celebrating 25 years.

The IMAGO Annual General Assembly (IAGA) is an important event for IMAGO. It takes place every year in a different country. The next IAGA will be held in Helsinki. All members societies of IMAGO are invited by the FSC The Finnish Society of Cinematographers. The gathering is in the 26th, 27th and 28th of October.

Jean-Jacques Bouhon AFC has left us

It is with great sadness that we in IMAGO learn about the disappearance of a great friend and colleague Jean-Jacques Bouhon AFC. Jean Jacques died yesterday (28/9/17) victim of cancer. Jean Jacques was president of the AFC in 2007. During that period IMAGO had the best of the relations with AFC. And that time there was an IMAGO board meeting in Paris. We were received with a very friendly manner and with great cordiality by Jean Jacques.
IMAGO addresses its condolences to the family, friends and to the AFC for this sad loss.