Barcelona, The Facade of The Cinema

Barcelona, The Facade of The Cinema. Painting and Seventh Art
An exhibition that combines the art of painting with the cinema

The Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona hosts from July 19 to August 12, 2018 “Barcelona, The Facade of The Cinema. Painting and Seventh Art”, an exhibition aims to show the importance of the seventh art on the development of civilization through a series of watercolors of facades, some devices which were part of the cinematography technique’s evolution and paintings made by Josep M. Queraltó.

Living the Light, in Venice International Film Festival

The documentary Living the Light – Robby Müller, tells the story of the legendary ‘Master of Light’ Robby Müller NSC, BVK, who passed away at the 3th of July 2018 directed by Claire Pijman NSC. As cinematographer Müller is best known for his work on films by Wim Wenders, Jim Jarmusch and Lars von Trier.

OPEN CALL for the Film Spring Workshop

The Film Spring Workshop is a 10-day international, interdisciplinary training focused on comprehensive and future-oriented audiovisual education (ca. 350 participants in 2017). The workshop will take place in Krakow, Poland, 17-26 October 2018.

Building on proven educational strategy of learning by doing, the newest film equipment and a highly experienced expert team that have been the cornerstone of the workshop's success for 13 years, the Film Spring Workshop is perfect for filmmakers wishing to experiment and improve their visual storytelling ability, try new formats and learn new technologies.

Roger Deakins BSC ASC to be honored at Manaki

This year’s laureate of the Golden Camera 300 for Lifetime Achievement – Roger Deakins was announced at the press-conference, and the creative solutions for this year’s festival edition were also presented, along with the new slogan -- “Hats Off” („Симнуваме капа“) as a token of respect for the festival’s tradition, the cinematographers, the city of Bitola and the audiences.

Robby Müller An obituary

In his visual language, Robby Müller was connected to the avant-garde of contemporary cinema in a comprehensive but also very personal way. In his many years of collaboration with Wim Wenders, influenced by the new developments in Italian and French films, he wrote an important chapter of Young German Cinema, developing two qualities that signalize his work in a special way: curiosity about what can be discovered in the language of cinema beyond the professionalism of cinematographer´s work, and confidence in the collaborative work on a film as an imaginary strengh for the Utopia of an individual - the director. Setting a goal and sharing the responsibility for it without falling into the maxim of perfection, bowing to the surface shine of the pictures or

Birgit Gudjonsdottir IKS BVK receives the Honorary Award

Birgit Gudjonsdottir IKS BVK former IMAGO board member regular delegate for IKS and BVK societies was honored with the prestigious honorary award of the GERMAN CAMERA AWARD. The Board of Trustees honors the native Icelander for her outstanding and especially "listening and intuitive camera work". Gudjonsdottir, who is at home in many genres, has made a name for herself with image design for numerous cinema and television productions. Her understanding of image design is also reflected in comedies ("My parents' wedding"), documentaries ("It may be different") or television documentaries ("Treasures of the World").