The Seminar Creative Skills Europe

It was held in Madrid on the 1st and 2sd of March a third meeting related to the programme Creative Skills Europe which IMAGO was represented by the Education Committee chairman Tony Costa AIP.

What is this Seminar about? This is a research project funded by the EU about skills on employment and training in the audiovisual sector and live performance sectors. IMAGO was invited to be part of this seminar as it was in Czech Republic held in January.

The seminar addresses several questions:
What skills do audiovisual and live performance professionals need to enter and remain in employment? How to accompany the evolutions of the professional’s practices and of their careers? How to contribute to a dynamic sector that foresees and anticipates change?
In fact the objective of this program is to address in the different European countries and beyond these common problems and try to find common solutions. In one order the adaptation of skilled people to new changes in the work market, or to adapt the new workforce into a competitive work market. How to combine a new skilled person who has finished school to «get into the job market? How should he be framed in order to perform his career in an organized environment? The organization is seeking to have the answer and reach a conclusion soon to present in Brussels.
The professional skills is changing rapidly. Many new professions are appearing as many others are disappearing. There is an absolute need to recover many artists in the fields of the audiovisual and performing arts into a new dignified skilled job. How can that be done without running over the basic conditions of social and working conditions? The combination of implementing new skilled workers in a very competitive world as the audiovisual and arts sector it is of important demand to get at least organized and settled methods all over Europe.



Richard Polacek from Euro-Mei and Daphné Tepper from the Creative Skills Europe
the organizers

The seminar in Madrid was packed of participants which was a record as the organization mentioned and it dealt in particular with the case of education. Focusing in 4 crucial points
- Career Management: from the first steps to diversification and re-training
- What data do we need to better understand current skills needs and anticipate future ones?
- How to address the constant evolutions of the digital environment?
- How to better bridge the world of education and the world of work

This four topics were discussed in workshop groups. With a first glance for conclusions it was clear in the group that there is a need to have a closer relationship between the education institutions and the companies. In the second workshop which dealt with data it was obvious that there is a disperse information that sometimes is counter-productive when presented to the government authorities which have a tendency to use them in their benefit. It is obvious it is necessary to deal with a more professional way with the data recovered.
This encounters are Funded by the EU Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity - Progress (2007-2013) through EURO-MEI media, entertainment, and arts.
Creative Skills Europe, the European Sector Skills Council for the Audiovisual and Live Performance Sectors, is a platform where professional organizations from across Europe share labor market intelligence and identify skills needs trends. Their objective is to improve the quality of the professional training offer, contribute to sector development and secure professionals’ career paths.
Creative Skills Europe pursues three main goals: Collecting and sharing labor market intelligence; Promoting peer learning and the exchange of best practices across EU borders; Identifying and documenting trends and skills needs.
The programme was supported to the EUEO-MEI the European Region of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Sector of Union Network International which represents 70 unions and guilds in the media, entertainment and arts sector in Europe. The membership of its affiliates include technicians, screenwriters, film directors and other workers in broadcasting, cinema production and exhibition, theatre and other audio-visual workers as well as visual artists. EURO-MEI serves as a point of contact for its members. It is also a clearinghouse for information useful to them, regarding multinational productions and movement of workers across national borders.



One of the workshop groups in discussion

For IMAGO which is pursuing an involvement into working and social conditions and to develop the role of the cinematographer in this new digital era it is imperative to join the different groups even from different sectors with different objectives and activities but have in common the desire to create a better social and working environment and for sure better qualified professionals.

The seminar
Supported by the European Commission (Progress Programme 2007-2013, DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion) this platform builds on the experience of the social dialogue partners at national and EU levels, and is grounded in regional and local realities thanks to the support and active participation of key employment and skills organisations from different EU countries.

The organizations represented in the meeting
Creative Skills Europe
EURO MEI- media, entertainment, and arts

IMAGO European Federation of Cinematographers

Social Fund for the Live Performance sector in Flanders
Social Fund of the Audiovisual Sector and Film production
British Council Cultural Skills Programmes Manager, EU region
European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe (Pearle)
European Coordination of Independent Producers (CEPI)
International Federation of Actors (FIA)
European Federation of Journalists

CPNEF AV (Joint National Committee Employment and Training for the Audiovisual Sector)
CPNEF SV (Joint National Committee Employment and Training for the Live Performance Sector)
International Federation of Musicians (FIM)
Berlin University of the Arts Germany
ArtS Sector Skills Alliance - EUROTRAINING Greece
Accademia Teatro alla Scala - Milan
CISL Confederazione Italiana Sindacati Lavoratori
APT - A.S. for Cinema (Associazione per lo Sviluppo e la Formazione delle Professioni Cinematografiche)
Lavoratori Comunicazione SLC-CGIL
Scuola Nazionale di Cinema
GOC - Expert-centre for the creative industries in the Netherlands Consultant international affairs
Transition Program for Dancers NL, IOTPD (International Organization for the Transition of Professional Dancers)
ADDICT - Creative Industries Portugal
Radio and Television of Portugal
Teatro Nacional São João
FeS-UGT Federación de Servicios de UGT
TACEE - Técnicos Audiovisuales y Cinematográficos del Estado Español
CCOO – Federación de Servicios a la Ciudadanía – Sector de Medios de Comunicación, Arte, Cultura y Deportes
RTVE Valencia
Instituto RTVE
AEOS - Asociación Española de Orquestas Sinfónicas
T Red de Trabajadores de la Danza
PLANAS Jordi Escola Superior de Tècniques de les Arts de l'Espectacle - Institut del Teatre (Barcelona)