Camerimage IMAGO/ASC Photo Exhibition

A joint Photo Exhibition at Camerimage done by the ASC and IMAGO: “IMAGO 25 years – 50 photographs”

Both Camerimage and IMAGO celebrates our 25th anniversary in 2017, and IMAGO wishes to focus on the visual artistic eye of cinematographer members from around the World during Camerimage. Creating images is the art and profession of cinematographers, many cinematographers are also creators of great still images, and we believe the public will take interest in seeing how cinematographers work with visual artistry in artistic composition, visual motifs, contrast, colour or black and white when it comes to still images.
The exhibition is a cooperation between ASC and IMAGO where a great selection of photographs from both ASC members and IMAGO members will be exhibited.
After the exhibition at Camerimage, the photographs from IMAGO members will be auctioned, and the income will be donated to a Polish children´s charity.

How to submit photo for IMAGO/ASC photo exhibition at Camerimage 2017
IMAGO is together with ASC arranging a still photo exhibition at the Camerimage Festival in Bydgoszcz in Poland, 11th to 18th of November 2017.
One photograph (up to two if space allows) from each of IMAGO`s World-wide member Societies, a total of 49 photographs from IMAGO Cinematographers will be exhibited, plus also a selection of photographs by ASC member Cinematographers.

Only member societies can participate. Each society is responsible for selecting their own photographs, maximum up to 2 photos.

IMAGO covers all costs with printing, framing, transport and gallery, and the plan is to have a grand opening gala in the gallery exhibition hall, together with our colleagues from the American Society of Cinematographers, on Sunday 12th of November. More information about the opening of the exhibition will come later.

Selection of cinematographer to submit a photo:
What we ask of you and your Board, is to select one cinematographer from your Society to submit two photographs for this exhibition. The content and motif of the photographs is up to the submitter, but preferably being representative of the submitting cinematographer´s high quality visual and photographic artistry. The gallery where the exhibition will take place has limited space, so most probably we will have space to exhibit only one of the submitted photographs, but we will still ask your selected cinematographer to submit two photographs. The photographs will be high quality printed and exhibited with a size of approximately 40x50 cm and will have a 3 cm wooden black frame.

Information about the photo and the photographer/cinematographer:
The selected photographer must also submit one signed A5 page with a short text or title relating to the submitted photograph/s, and the cinematographer´s/photographers short CV. Please see the enclosed template form.

How to submit:
After having selected the cinematographer to submit two photos, she/he must send a file of the photographs to IMAGO administrative manager Katrin Richthofer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before August 20th. For mail submission, each file should not be larger than 4 mb, a total of 8 mb for two submitted photographs. If larger files, please send by WeTransfer or other file transfer service to the same mail address as above.

After the exhibition:
When Camerimage and the IMAGO/ASC photo exhibition is finished, we wish to donate the exhibited photographs to a Polish children´s charity as Save the Children or SOS Children´s Villages to be auctioned, and the income to go to the charity. This will be organized in cooperation with Camerimage.

Unfortunately, IMAGO can not, due to it´s very limited resources, cover the cost of travel and stay for the submitting cinematographers to attend Camerimage.
Should the submitter of the photographs be present at Camerimage anyway, he/she will of course be honourably invited to be present at the grand opening of the exhibition.