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IMAGO is a member of EDCF (European Digital Cinema Forum)

«28 of June 2006 - The IMAGO frame rate proposals have been officially introduced into the SMPTE working process. During Cinema Expo conference and trade show event in Amsterdam, where many meetings about digital cinema usually take place, Kommer Kleijn SBC, representing IMAGO within the technical module of the EDCF (European Digital Cinema Forum, registered the following progress concerning the IMAGO Digital Cinema Frame rate proposals.

During the SMPTE DC28.0 meeting that was held in Amsterdam on Wednesday afternoon 28 July 2006 14h30, and after a presentation of the IMAGO frame rate proposals by Kommer Kleijn SBC during that meeting, the meeting decided to start a study group on the subject of frame rates to study and evaluate these proposals for eventual inclusion into the DC28 standard draft.
This is an important next step of progress for the proposals, after they were approved by the EDCF board in the beginning of June this year.
It means that the IMAGO frame rate proposals are now officially introduced into the SMPTE working process. Although this does in not guarantee their inclusion into the future standard for Digital Cinema, it does mean that the work has started and it also shows the willingness and openness of the SMPTE meeting to consider and study these important questions.
A high number of members present at the meeting, both European and from overseas, volunteered to participate in this study group.»

IMAGO acquires a seat in the EDCF board through election of Kommer Kleijn SBC